What's with all the wishbones? / by Theresa Bricker

I'm a bit obsessed with them at the moment. It's an image I've used often, back to my earliest work.  To me, they represent hope.  Hope that you get the biggest part when snapping to make a wish. They're also bones, so they conjure thoughts of biology, structure and life. Each one is unique. When linked together they look like backbones or the double helix of DNA.  When painted upright they look like a hunched human figure.

I had been painting them for a while when another artist told me about Arthur Ganson. He made a kinetic sculpture with a "walking" wishbone. After watching this video, I had to go see it. Lucky for me his sculptures are on permanent exhibition at the MIT Museum in Cambridge, MA. Definitely worth a trip.

I expect many more wishbones to show up in my future work.  To me they represent the biological (physical, mental, emotional) hardships which we are all born with.  They may weigh us down, but may also be the exact things that make us, well . . . singular.  They might be hidden strengths that we thought to be weaknesses. They are hope.