Current Themes / by Theresa Bricker

At the moment I’m working on three different themes. There’s a good chance they’ll end up converging.

The most important one, which I’ve focused on in the past as well, has to do with mental and emotional health. I’m honing in on how society is/isn’t accepting it, looking at it’s causes and cures. I’m also seeing it as a spectrum. Surviving my younger brother’s suicide confirmed for me that we are all walking a line. Biological impairments and societal influences create a line between how we are perceived and who we actually are or hope to be. The line between pushing through it alone and accepting help. The line between hope and despair. Each of our lines are different widths; some are easy to walk, others almost impossible.

The next theme, which is much smaller in scope, concerns how our food and environment are tainted. Those of us who are privileged have greater access to foods and culinary exposures, but very few of us can evade the chemical changes in our food chain. Could these be some of the factors in the health of our bodies and minds?

Finally, I’ve been mulling about how our on-line lives compare and interact with our lives in real life (IRL); also how these experiences vary greatly for different generations. The shift our society is going through, in information gathering/sharing, social connections/interactions and how we perceive the world, is monumental. It is both positive and negative. How will we use it to our advantage?

As you can see, these themes all tie back to what my art work often questions: How do we break free of our genetic, social, environmental, technological or self created confines to find truth and stability?