The not-so-fun part of being an artist / by Theresa Bricker

Warning: This is a very boring post. I would skip it if I were you!

Obviously, creating, viewing, thinking and talking about art is all an artist wants to do all the time! But we also need to share what we make and in these times that means more than just finding a wall to hang our art on. I’m talking about the internet.

Posting to Instagram, setting up a Facebook page, possibly a twitter or Tumblr account (nope, I don’t have those) and the most onerous … keeping an updated website. We artists need to become marketers, PR agents and techies! Not quite every creative’s forte. But we try. Thus, I’m writing this boring post, not about art, but about website updates because I just spent hours upon hours setting up a Mailchimp account, reading about email campaigns and RSS feeds, looking at Squarespace help docs and making a feedburner (not even sure what that is but hopefully it’s working for me). All this so I can try to have these blog posts automatically sent out to any followers I might have.

Resulting in this extremely mundane post. I want to see if it will be sent to me via email. Yes, sadly I’m subscribed to my own blog. I’ll probably delete it later if it works. So if you’re still reading this - lucky you! This is a “limited time only” post! Soon to be gone for ever … unless someone captures it on the Wayback Machine … or Squarespace saves it on some server in some building where rent is cheap and the weather is cool.

Wish me luck … I’d like to get back to painting!

Old Computer.jpg